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DSR with Customer

We're here because of our cherished customers and we always make them a priority in whatever products we come up with. We offer very flexible loan facilities for our customers. Here are some reasons why you should always count on us for your loan needs:

  1. Fast Processing of loans
  2. Manageable loan repayments depending on borrower's ability
  3. Competitive Interest Rates charged
  4. Affordable loan for low income earners and the urban poor
  5. Flexible Payment Plan: Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
  6. Improving lives of women and others through economic empowerment
  7. Acquiring business management skills
  8. Acquiring savings habit to accumulate funds for future financial needs
  9. Insurance cover for all loans against fire, flood and disability
Our Deposit Products

Basic Requirements

  1. As little as GH¢20.00 to open an account with any form of a valid national identification

What You Get

  • Maximum 8 withdrawals in a month
  • Unlimited Deposits
  • ATM Card
  • Monthly Competitive interest rates paid at the end of every quarter
  • Access to a dedicated Direct Sales Representative (Virtual Banking)
  • Free life insurance cover
  • Savings withdrawal books to facilitate your business transactions

Why Choose a WWBG Savings Account?

  • Pay-in-book to manage your account and keep track of how much you are saving
  • The more money you save, the higher the interest you receive
  • Offer ATM cards for easy withdrawal on accounts
  • Enjoy free life insurance for maintaining a minimum of GHc100.00 in your account

WWB Ghana Current Account is great for managing and accessing your money. It is ideal for individuals, business owners, institutions and organizations who conduct continuous business transactions. You need GHc20.00 to open an account with any valid form of national identification.


  • Crediting of payments into your accounts
  • Cheque book
  • Regular bank statements
  • Easy access to our Virtual Banking (VB) facility
  • ATM Service at all times

Basic Requirements

  1. Any form of valid national identification such NHIS ID, Passport, NIA card, Driver’s License or Voters ID card
  2. Certificates of incorporation for business and organizations
  3. 2 Passport size photographs
  4. Proof of address – Utility bills, residential address
  5. Reference letter from an existing Current Account holder
  6. Resolution for groups and associations and elected members

If you desire to make higher returns than a savings Account and have some funds to invest (3 months to 12 months), the Fixed Deposit Account at WWB Ghana is highly recommended.

Our Fixed Deposit Account comes with attractive interest. Grow your money with WWB Ghana.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Any form of valid national identification such NHIS ID, Passport, NIA card, Driver’s License or Voters ID card.
  2. 2 Passport size photographs
  3. Proof of address – Utility bills, residential address
  4. Resolution for groups and associations and elected members

WWB Ghana Fixed Deposit Account offers you:

  1. A high yielding investment vehicle
  2. Disinvestment is permitted
  3. Roll over option is available either with principal only or principal with interest
  4. Account can be pledged as collateral for loans
  5. Assures customers with flexibility, safety, liquidity and return on their investment


  • Instant Access Savings: Access to your money after a day's notice
  • Reward Savings: Account that encourages you to save regularly or rewards you for simply leaving your money where it will grow

The product is designed to encourage daily deposits (susu) from individuals and small micro businesses through financial education to assist individuals and businesses accumulate funds to expand their trade and solve personal financial problems in a more planned, frequent and consistent manner. Specifically, existing, dormant and potential customers are to save as low as GHS10.00 a day into the future and also help build the culture of savings. WWBG believes that showing our clients how to make a plan and save more money into their bank accounts, might motivate them to increase their deposits. This in turn would help them accumulate the money needed to weather unexpected emergencies, pay for children’s education, improve their housing, prepare for old age, or finance other major purchases that would benefit the families.

Boa Wo Ho Susu Savings offers the following:

  1. Very flexible daily savings at customers Point of Sale
  2. Well planned and agreed savings based on customer’s own ability
  3. Accumulation of substantial funds to realize customers dreams
  4. Booklet to monitor and manage customer’s savings
  5. Encourage customer build saving culture
  6. Customers will be able to raise money to satisfy purposes for the savings
  7. This may reduce pressure on customers in times a given financial need has to be met

Don't hesitate! Open an account with us now and see a positive transformation in your financial life.
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The application form is also available on our website for instant download. You can download it and apply now!

Once done filling the form, visit any of our branches with the completed form and any necessary particulars to finish the application process.
You can call our call centre number on 0302 214440 for general information on our products.
For specific information on deposits, contact our Deposits Department on 057 768 1013.
Or visit any of our branches near you.

For all other information on our products and services, contact the Quality Service Manager on 057 768 1007.

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